Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's been a long time, but just when you thought Tweety had learned something...

It just goes to show you, we should never, ever let our guard down with people like Tweety:

Reporting from the big cable TV industry event this week, Broadcasting & Cable's Andrea Morabito writes (5/22/12):

Hardball host Chris Matthews argued that because of the rise of opinion-based news networks, the non-critical aspect of the media is gone, going as far to say that the reporting that verified the U.S. administration's claims about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in 2002 would not happen today because of cable news.

"I would like to think there would be a reckoning we didn’t have then because of modern media," Matthews said. "24/7 is good because it's not only breadth, it's depth. Without cable, it is just network [television] thinking, embedded thinking, which is dangerous in a democracy."

Umm… He's aware of the fact that cable news channels existed in 2002, right?

In fact, here's some of what he and his cable colleagues were doing:

September 25, 2002

—MSNBC's Hardball host Chris Matthews asks of World Bank/IMF protests in Washington DC: "Those people out in the streets, do they hate America?" Conservative pundit Cliff May responds: "Yes, I'm afraid a lot of them do. They hate America. They align themselves with Saddam Hussein. They align themselves with terrorists all over the world." Hardball correspondent David Shuster later adds that "anti-Americanism is in the air."

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Maybe Chris Matthews should give his salary to David Broder too

Heather over at C&L had the intestinal fortitude to watch Hardball the other night and caught this little gem.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Why can't Tweety do this more often?

It's easy for Chris Matthews to be hard on random idiots like Rick Barber who talk about less government while angling for a government paycheck. Why can't he be this tough on those already entrenched in Washington?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Uh, Tweety? If you knew anything about Scott Garrett you'd know he IS a wingnut

On Tuesday, Tweety declared that Rep. Scott Garrett, lunatic right Congressman from NJ-5, isn't one of those "wackys" in the Republican Party:

I know all about Scott Garrett, because he's my Congressman. I've worked on three different campaigns to oust him. Scott Garrett keeps getting re-elected because the populous part of his district, Bergen County, is a party-line-voting district in which the majority is registered as Republican. Marge Roukema was our representative for 25 years, and she was the kind of moderate Republican that today Jim DeMint would drum right out of the party.

Garrett is a doctrinaire conservative who opposes extensions of unemployment benefits, relief for victims of natural disasters, and anything in opposition to the Tom DeLay/Jim DeMint/Looney DeLooney ideology of I Got Mine and Fuck You.

Matthews once again shows himself to be an uninformed idiot.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

OMG, you mean the President is BLACK?????

For ONE WHOLE HOUR, Chris Matthews forgot that Barack Obama is black:

Where do you even start? The sad thing is that Tweety makes a good comment here about how the Republicans are nothing other than "someone else". They have no ideas, no plans, no agenda for running this country, other than letting entropy take over. But that the first thing that ran through his head was that the President is black? What has he been doing, putting paper cutouts of George Bush's head over Obama's face? And what's this with Tessio and Clemenza? Tweety really needs to stop playing SOTU drinking games.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Get a room already.

George W. Bush's stuffed codpiece is SO 2000's. Barack Obama is yesterday's news. The one who thrills Chris Matthews these days is former Cosmo centerfold Scott Brown:

Nicole Belle:

Matthews has a near sociopathic ability to separate intent from merit. There is no factoring in for truth, or right, or justice, or selflessness. There's no consideration for the issues or the impact on Americans. It's all about being "hot". It's all about how Matthews responds to the politico with his little Tweety.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Why Tweety is so infuriating -- in a nutshell

Yesterday Chris Matthews pointed out to Ron Christie [insert your own sound clip of closet door closing here], the toadying former aide to Dick Cheney the FACT, the double standard that Cheney and the entire Republican Party REALITY of the Bush Administration's lack of response to both the threats before the 9/11 attacks and to Richard Reid, the December 2001 shoe bomber. Of course he had to, given Joan Walsh's ferocious presentation of facts. But Tweety didn't stop there; he went on to point out that everyone on the right (and that includes Joe Lieberman) is using the attempted bombing on Christmas Day as an excuse to beat the drums for an expanded war in the Middle East.


What's hilarious about this exchange is the Republicans regard the Democrats as the "Pussy Party", a bunch of overwrought, overly-emotional girly-men, not the real manly-man chest-beaters like Dick Cheney. Except who is it that's running around like a chicken without a head because a depressed, angry, alienated 23-year-old decided to get laid by 72 virgins in heaven? And yet here is Cheney's ventriloquist's dummy, complaining that Barack Obama isn't emotional enough.

So why is this an example of Why I Hate Chris Matthews? Because it shows that TWEETY KNOWS BETTER, even more often than what we saw last night, he does crap like this:
The press loves the boogeyman story because it makes them feel like crusaders for freedom and allows them to make common cause with macho right wingers. It's far more exciting than dull stories about losers who don't have jobs --- you can see the exhilaration coming off of them in waves. They love it.

Case in point, Chris Matthews, who is ready to force everyone to be cavity searched in the ticket line:

Matthews: You know what when we get on an airplane, we give up all kinds of checks we don't do by just walking down the street. I think we give up a certain amount of rights just getting on an airplane and I think you've got to recognize that your safety is tied up with everyone else on that plane's safety and anybody else that gets hit on that plane. You don't own the right to be on that plane because you're getting on an airplane so you do have to yield some civil rights...And by the way, Cliff, you know it and I know it, they're going to get smarter and smarter and sooner or later they're going to get all kinds of people to do their dirty work for them. They're the enemy. They're going to use any means they can to get us. They're out to kill us. Let's be as smart as they are because they are already smart.

Run fer yer lives!

Apparently, Matthews thinks that there is some Koranic law that requires all attacks against America to take place on an airplane. If some terrorist with imagination succeeds in a mall or on a bridge will we have to submit to profiliong and screening there too? Sounds like it.(And if he thinks these would-be terrorists like Richard Reid and Abdulmutallab are super criminals, no wonder he's petrified.)

And that's why we hate Chris Matthews -- because he's not stupid. He's not even a craven political opportunist like Pete Hoekstra, trying to pull in campaign cash from a bunch of unemployed people in Michigan who can no longer afford to fly anywhere but who can't see a connection between the money squandered by the Bush Administration on pointless and badly-conducted wars and the fact that they have no health care. He's a media opportunist, and that may be worse.

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