Friday, February 12, 2010

Uh, Tweety? If you knew anything about Scott Garrett you'd know he IS a wingnut

On Tuesday, Tweety declared that Rep. Scott Garrett, lunatic right Congressman from NJ-5, isn't one of those "wackys" in the Republican Party:

I know all about Scott Garrett, because he's my Congressman. I've worked on three different campaigns to oust him. Scott Garrett keeps getting re-elected because the populous part of his district, Bergen County, is a party-line-voting district in which the majority is registered as Republican. Marge Roukema was our representative for 25 years, and she was the kind of moderate Republican that today Jim DeMint would drum right out of the party.

Garrett is a doctrinaire conservative who opposes extensions of unemployment benefits, relief for victims of natural disasters, and anything in opposition to the Tom DeLay/Jim DeMint/Looney DeLooney ideology of I Got Mine and Fuck You.

Matthews once again shows himself to be an uninformed idiot.