Sunday, March 8, 2009

Just when you think Chris Matthews might be redeemable

You get idiocy like this:
MATTHEWS: You know who can talk? You know who can talk? Limbaugh. You don’t have to like the big guy, but you know what he does? He defends capitalism. What he says is, “You, Mr. President, are out there raising taxes and getting rid of deductability and itemization and putting more injury on those of us who are already injured. You’re hurting the people who are driving the truck.”

PAGE: Right, and nobody believes that but dittoheads. The fact is, Bush has already done the same darn thing. That argument isn’t working right now. People know that government is in a spend mode, and by the way, you know we’ve been in….

MATTHEWS: Limbaugh’s numbers are doubled. Barack Obama’s numbers are not doubled.


Jeff Fecke said...

He should totally double his current 60-odd percent support. Then 129% of America would love him!

maduck said...

someone sent me a link to your blog...i love it...i can't get enough of matthews either, i actually put on his show just for the kick of hearing the nonsense he mostly spouts...its become sort of a strange, probably unhealthy addiction

maduck said...

does anyone else get the feeling that matthews sometimes thinks he is on sports center? like last night, "up next "b-rod" highlights."

hunter said...

Hey! I have been looking for a site like this for a while. Did you happen to catch the interview with Michael Steele last night? I thought Matthews was gonna kiss him. Chris also missed the entire point of Steele's botched statement on health care policy. I cannot even watch him after last night.