Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm not fooled that Matthews is on our side, but this is pretty good

I would have liked to have seen Tweety stomp on this "birther"'s head a few times, but we'll take what we can get:


Nate said...

Matthews, like the rest of the Obamabot zombies have no idea what the difference between a "Certification of Birth" and a "Certificate of Birth" is. Someone needs to show Matthews what google is.

Charlotte Corday said...

Chris Matthews, Jaywalker!

Dear Mr. Matthews,

You were born in the late 1940s, raised in the 1950s and 1960s, educated in the late '60s and early '70s. So why does what comes out of your mouth in front of the whole of American TV Land reflect a neglected education—say, that of an unfortunate boy raised in the '80s, '90s, and '00s?

OK, I'll help you, 'cuz I was educated in the same years you were, except a year or 2 later, and I haven't turned myself over to the Newsspeak gods or the popular religion of cultivated know-nothingness.

So: We with powerful pre-1984 vocabularies know that the word "holocaust" has UNALTERABLE etymological origins, and is never ever in any way "a synonym" for "the Third Reich." This noun "holocaust" only "refers to" the Third Reich when clearly and unequivocally used IN THAT CONTEXT, and the context must come first, NOT the noun "holocaust," before the common noun "holocaust" can become the proper noun "Holocaust" and be construed as "referring to the Third Reich."

We have (only rather recently) come to use by fiat the term "The Holocaust" (always with the big letter-H) as a sort of easily recognized shortcut during discussions of the mass murder of Europe's Jews by Hitler's Third Reich. To jump out of your chair, pointing and crying, "You referred to the Third Reich! You referred to the Third Reich! I'm tellin' teacher!" at anyone who breathes the word "holocaust" outside of your preferred context, is a Jaywalker Move, exactly like not being able to name our first president! (...and believing Greenland was named for how lush and green the land was back in olden times when the climate was different, and accepting such B.S. as evidence that global warming panic is political!)

I want to say I thought you knew better, Chris Matthews, but I didn't think that at all. I EXPECTED you to be as dumb as a post and Rachel Maddow about Alan Grayson's unequivocally spot-on use of this common noun. You didn't disappoint me! But I am disappointed that the purveyors of "the news" are the biggest suckers of all for the Newsspeak rules that were intended only to de-educate the public.

It is not your place to tell others how they are allowed to speak, especially as you don't know how to speak, sir!

#### #######
Deployed Infantryman's parent
in North Central ########

Charlotte Corday said...

No, Jaywalker. Say progressive!

Mr. Matthews,

Didn't I advise you only a day ago not to tell the universe of better, smarter people around you what to say and how they should talk? Am I to understand that you don't receive, open, and read viewer emails? I can't imagine that.

When the Honorable Alan Grayson says "progressive," don't correct him. You cannot imagine how you look doing it, besides which you are incorrect as usual, and most of all, you aren't Jack Cafferty. Cafferty's gruff brilliance looks sad-but-silly on you. You aren't doing it right, that isn't how Cafferty does it, the only thing clear about your effort is that Jack Cafferty is what you're reaching for. It's clear that you've just now decided to put it on and walk around in it, but you have to earn that, and you have not, nor can you. You're a dwarf. Everything you do to try and look full sized emphasizes it.

The way you treat junior senators and new congressman whose patient ears are connected to your wet mouth by satellite tickles me. Having breathed a few wafts of the same air as the great Tip O'Neill so long ago makes you the superior of those guys, doesn't it. And if you feel superior, it's important to show it, to exercise it, to never fail to be small, tacky, self-stroking, and repulsive. Yeap, when you did it over and over to Virginia Senator Jim Webb, who (among so many others) fought in Vietnam while you (although he's younger, or sure looks it) remained a pudgy, nondescript non-entity in the safety of America, that just put a laugh in my heart. Who are you to talk to these men that way? Do you see the looks on their faces when you do it? Doesn't it remind you of the way you were looked at back in school by classmates too busy and too nice to bust you in the nose for it?

Doing it with miles of safety between you and the far better man you're doing it to is the perfect epitome of littleness, but to make a big deal of that, on the part of Chris Matthews, is kind of like mentioning that water is wet.

Now, get to looking up "holocaust," like I told you to. And don't say liberal. Say progressive. Because I said so. LOL.

Besides, you aren't a liberal. How bloody, bloody dare you?

Charles said...

Chris Matthews is a legend.......in his own mind. Only MSNBC would hire and allow this low life to work there. This piece of anti-American garbage thinks he is so superior to everyone else. He is a phoney and a fraud. If you look up a-hole in the dictionary....his picture is there. Hey Matthews......the zoo called. You're due back at 6.

Ihatechris said...

Chris Matthews is truly a cowardly bullying jerk. For the second time now I have had to watch this jerk bully women. First it was Michelle Malkin and tonight this jerk was nasty to the Republican woman strategist who, of course, could not get a word in edgewise as Chris showed what a tough guy he is. What a low life.