Thursday, January 10, 2008

And He's Fluent in Pig Latin, Too

Chris Matthews has a new theory on why Hillary Clinton won in New Hampshire (his old theory being that she won because Bill cheated on her). Now she won because the people of New Hampshire are bigots…and he conveyed this theory by—wait for it!—behaving like a total bigot.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: What the hell happened in New Hampshire?

MATTHEWS: You remember the Lone Ranger and Tonto? I think paleface speak with forked tongue. You hear me? Forked tongue....
That, by the way, is a cleaned-up transcript. I listed to a recording of this exchange, and he actually says: "Me think paleface speak with forked tongue. You hear me? Forked tongue."

Seriously, why does this guy have a job anymore? He's a racist, sexist (sexist, sexist, sexist, sexist, sexist) homophobic, belligerent, insulting, crap-talking, know-nothing douche lacking even the merest capacity for self-reflection.

Sweet Jesus I Hate Chris Matthews.



The Fat Lady Sings said...

You forgot sexist. :)

The man is obsessed with Hillary Clinton. I liked her answer to that. She patted him on the cheek like he was five years old and called him 'baby'. Talk about the correct appellation!

Joseph said...

So far, Hillary Clinton as not said enough for herself to stop the media from given the other candidates millions of dollars and time in free negative campaign material. She is probably afraid they will take her complaints and use against her to say she is not strong enough to be president.

Because Clinton could not say ouch, she allowed a emotional buildup to erupt at the mere mention of a question asking "what about you." I called it leaking. Humans beings can only hold emotions, saying it hurts, for so long.

Matthews' obsession raise an important question: How much should a network be allowed to influence our presidential election process? Matthews and his network is providing too much to the candidates against Clinton. I want to know who is truly the most strongest candidate to kick the Republicans out of the executive branch of government because they have too much power. With the media, the forth branch of power, and the executive branch, the Republicans have too much power. This needs to be balanced out.

Until the media backs up and allow the Democratic primary process to work, we will not see who is the best for the general election. I can't tell if Barack Obama is legitimate or a product of media hype.


scott said...

well this was long over due.
good luck with the blog dude.

Ranger 3 said...

Awesome site. Chris Matthews is like a used tampon. He might have been useful at some point in the past, but now it's time for the dude to be flushed!

But lets keep it real. Hillary Clinton IS a corrupt piece of shit with extremely poor judgement, and like her husband, she cares more about empowering herself than she does for the good of the country or doing the right thing.

Obama didn't suffer from last minute racism at the ballot bow, as some have suggested with the Bradley Effect theories. He suffered from last minute sexism. Alot of women (black as well as white) voted against him, after they told pollsters they would vote for him, simply because he's a man. And as much as there are men like Matthews who have issues with misogyny, there are also alot of women who have issues with misandry.

Hate doesn't exist in a vacuum. Never forget that. Ask yourself why there is so much hate for women in the world. It's because we raise our children to hate each other's sexuality.

We line in a deeply sexually repressed society, it's inevitable that there is so much fear and distrust between the sexes. But what happened in New Hampshire is unforgivable. Barack Obama didn't deserve to punished for the sins of Chris Matthews or anyone else. Collective punishment/demonization of men isn't going to solve anything. We must accept each other, with all our differences and acknowledge our place in humanity in order to create - not a perfect world - but a better world. Because deep down we all know we can do better than this.

I love your blog. It's teh awesome. Matthews needs to be fired yesterday. But what happened in New Hampshire was tragic. Of the thousands of American GI's killer in Iraq, 98% were men. Of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed, most were men. Of course many women and children have died as well. Hillary Clinton didi nothing to stop this, and she did everything all she could to cheer it on.

Judgement matters. Integrity matters.

Please don't rally to a corrupt woman instead of a good man because of a screwed up SOB like Chris Matthews.

clif said...

It may just be me, but shouldn't MSNBC send Tweety packing? (To Fox noise where he really belongs).

I mean they should tell him to fly south, or somewhere?

Maybe they can send him where they have sent another obviously insane commentators;

They might also do with Tweety what they did with another no talent hack;

I mean didn't they learn from their time with another loud mouth know nothing firebrand;

Tweety must be as embarrassing to MSNBC as the village idiot is to all of us;

BTW when MSNBC is giving Tweety his long deserved boot, tell them to send chicken little along with him.

At minimum they could allow other on air commentators to slap him from time to time, especially when he said stupid crap like this.

mike ireland/ said...

you know, i get the impression that there is only one other person who hates Hillary more - Andrew Sullivan. his vitriol borders on the need for medication.

i loved it when Scarborough gave Tweety a hard time when he pinched Hillary's cheek and gave her a hug. he called it a "love" fest. it was brought to a quick halt though. i wonder how that happened?

oh, and i think a word somehow got left out at the picture in your post - bag. must have been a technical problem with PhotoShop...

Brendan said...

Get a sense of humor. His show is really entertaining and he doesn't give a warm shit what hypersensitive nancies think about his monologues. That's to his credit.

I'm so sick of liberals leaning on "racist" and "sexist" to knock down people they disagree with. But it's not even about that. You hate Chris Matthews because he doesn't offer himself up as a human shield for any idiot with a (D) following his name. Most Democrats are fine with the sort of racial- and gender-related jokes and comments Matthews makes if they're made by loyal partisan Democrats.

Andrew Cuomo (Democrat AG from New York) accused Barack Obama of "shuck[ing] and jiv[ing]" and yet Crooks and Liars, which linked me here, didn't bring it up until Tucker Carlson (non-Democrat) repeated it and made it sound like he was the originator.

BigAssBelle said...

how does he stay on the air? what can you call or say about a 60 year old white woman that's bad enough to get you kicked off the air a la imus and isaiah washington and others?

K said...

At least he loved his dad?

But really though? What is his deal?!

bgo said...

Bravo! I will be hanging out here more often.

moth collector said...
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moth collector said...

In answer to your query:

Seriously, why does this guy have a job anymore?

Because somebody lost a bet.


trenchcoat77 said...

Uh, brendan? Cuomo was not referring to Barack Obama. From today's NYT:

On Thursday, Mr. Cuomo’s choice of words was being discussed on political blogs. A review of the interview, however, indicates that Mr. Cuomo was not referring to the black presidential candidate, Senator Barack Obama, when he made the comment, but was generally discussing how directly candidates should interact with voters. He called Mr. Obama “a powerful speaker” and added, “What he has to say is important for the Democrats to hear.”