Monday, January 21, 2008

Chris Matthews, Nad Defender

I trust that title will be enough to make you click here.


MJ said...

Well, I haven't clicked the link yet, 'cause I'm pretty sure it's NSFW. But check this out:


BJ said...

LOL, somehow I found your blog by digging thru youtube. Long story short, I saw real clear politics linked to one of my videos and I was trying to see what page it was on (of theirs)..

The name of your site cracks me up. Personally, I'm a Hillary fan and I cannot stand the bias against her in the media. I send Hardball, msnbc and sometimes cnn feedback often enough. I don't watch fox ever , i know plenty others keep an eye on them

I just think Chris sucks, is full of himself and his show is farrrr from anything "hardball".. and I've told him so, more than once!

here's (one) of my recent videos that I made a long blog post for, regarding because well, I was seething in anger at what I was witnessing!

good luck with your blog

Jamie said...

Last night following the REPUBLICAN debate, we times how long it would take CM to voice a negative opinion of Hillary Clinton.

He was a little slow as he had to say something about the debate, but managed to get in a Hillary slam ten minutes into the commentary.