Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why Jon Stewart is still God

About five minutes into this video, Jon Stewart examines Tweety's "Lawrence of Arabia" analogy (first posted by Melissa yesterday).

He's right. "That man is insane."


Chris in Seattle said...

Over at my humble abode, I've posted a few Tweety rants. With this here crew now on the loose, things should really take off.

Tata said... the pocket of Big Wooden Shoe!


debra said...

hoo! thank god for jon stewart, it may be the only way we survive the 2008 election

Epacris said...

Do you think it was a joke there with misunderstanding the Nietzsche quote warning about looking into the abyss as a reference to the film "The Abyss"?

Also, I don't remember the story from Lawrence's battles with the Turks during WWI, but there's a very similar one about the Fall of Singapore in WWII. All the major artillery was in batteries defending the island against a seaborne attack, and couldn't be turned around to shell the approaching Japanese army coming down the Malay peninsula.