Friday, January 18, 2008

Tucker's Hoof-in-Mouth Problem: An Open Letter to MSNBC.....

An Open Letter to MSNBC

I am one of the many, many people who has been “hurt” and dismayed by Chris Matthews’ abuse of his position, and woman hating, boorish, behavior. The viewers obviously agree, as this situation has blown up and resulted in an on air apology from Matthews last night. That apology can only be the result of many complaints over the past months and even years, and especially due to his contention that Hillary Clinton would never have gotten anywhere if she hadn’t been a wronged woman.

I am SO tired of having to watch that man, first repeat over and over who my candidate was going to be, then act incredulous at the fact that he may have been wrong, and continuously cut down the candidate who he obviously has a grudge against, and THEN sheepishly apologize, obviously not meaning it, and seemingly at the direction of his bosses, for the disgustingly misogynistic statements that he makes constantly, and for his boorish behavior…But no, he didn’t even actually apologize; rather, he told us that we had misunderstood his LOVE of politics and the players. Well, I don’t buy it. I didn’t misunderstand, and I am tired of being put down by another pasty white man who thinks that he represents the melting pot of America…think again!

This evening, I had the unlucky opportunity to walk into a room where the horrible Tucker Carlson was on the TV, and before I could flee, he was saying, “I know that we are not supposed to say it around here, but….” And then go on to restate the same crap about Hillary! I believe that this was part of a spot on the Tyra Banks interview that Clinton did and her talking about Bill cheating.

Is that issue out of bounds for Hillary? No! Its part of her life story and she can talk about it if she wants to. It’s a huge leap to say that she only got where she is because of it!

Tucker has no visible means of support! He has horrible ratings, nothing to say, and a bad attitude. His libertarian views are based on a prep school/frat boy existence that would, of course, allow him to support himself and his family with no social safety net and no care for anyone else in society. Who does he represent in the audience? Not me, that’s for sure! He actually proves, every time I see him, that he has an incredible amount of animosity towards me and people like me. So, who are you trying to attract with his show? And doesn’t it make sense that he has such low ratings? Does he even have sponsors? How does one get this kind of job security, because it’s a rare thing in today’s America.

Tonight, Tucker Carlson had the nerve to pile on to Matthews’ apology and restate the offending statement as if he is giving some sort of virtual high five to his friend…what could your producers, programmers, and whoever the bosses are over there, be thinking anymore? Did you come to the decision with Matthews to have him apologize only to have the petulant little child, Tucker, run between your legs and stick his tongue out at the viewers who complained? That is what he just did. And he did it not only as a statement against management, but as a clear message to the viewers…I consider this to be offensive and directed at me, as much as it is directed at Clinton or anyone else out here who might disagree with the frat boys club who think they know everything.

I am a woman and a long time MSNBC viewer. I am also someone who is very involved with the political process and I hope to turn to MSNBC for some insightful commentary, considering what else is available. But, obviously this is not the direction that your programmers want to go in.

Your few saving graces, such as Rachel Maddow, David Schuster, and the commentary of some fantastic guests such as Sam Seder, are feeling like not quite enough. Yes, I will watch Keith Olbermann anytime and follow him anywhere he broadcasts from, but the rest of your lineup is such that I have to turn off the station as soon as that hour is over! When are you going to make some changes?



Kristen said...

A million times, thank you!

BJ said...

I write to msnbc often enough on their bias and what i refer to as national enquire-esk reporting.

I never write to tuckers show though because he's just a right wing weenie that is nothing to anyone! I just wanted to post and let you know that he and Elisabeth Hasselbeck (on The View) got their jobs the same way.. His father is a wealthy powerful republican and THAT's how he got into tv commentary.. as for Elis, her father inlaw apparently is another powerful republican big wig.

i think it's sad, pathetic and embarrassing for America to have this garbate on tv pretending to be "news" channels.

I usually turn off when tucker's on but if i'm busy i'll leave it on and hear him (pac time it's chris 2pm, then tucker 3pm, then chris again at 4pm).. We can't expect anything but liberal loathing by Tucker so that's why I never eve bother getting mad at him or writing to msnbc about him.. but i do write to them regularly about the damn bias in favor of Obama (whom I can't stand) and the endless smear campaign against hillary, which I've told them, some of us aren't stupid enough to (not) see the subliminal remarks, facial expresions, tone of voice, comments, etc.. that we can tell exactly where they stand

and everyone at msnbc is a republican! maybe (maybe) keith O isn't.. but that's one! hell chris voted for Bush and admitted it..

i'm sick of the 99.9% republican media!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who sends them email .. the bimbos on their morning shows drive me nuts, they are stupid, air headed and report approx every 7 to 10 mins something, anything, that will make the clintons look bad.. it irks me to no end!

by the way, one more thing..i wanted to mention not long ago i heard tucker mention at the beginning of his show that if hillary were to become president, he'd have to get a bucket to throw up in! he said that with the most vile hateful tone on how he feels about her!!!!!

yes folks, that's our tv news media! I just wanted to stop in and share that comment (he made) with ya!

Dawn Shepherd said...

I turned off my cable for two years after the invasion of Iraq. I was so upset that MSNBC didn't challenge the war. The cable news shows have become "talk" shows. They have "questions" or controversial topics and round table discussions, sometimes including the audience. Nothing that is discussed is factual. It's all opinion, Jerry Springer style news. You end up screaming at the tv because of the way these people "cover" the news with their opinions and Bullshyt. Thanks for this site. I wish we could have a national campaign to boycott cable. Everyone call in an cancel at once and demand that they shape up.

Schadenfreudian_Slip said...

When I learned that Tucker-Schmucker is a scion of the horrible-tasting Swanson food dynasty, his effete, preppy boy, detached-from-reality attitude became abundantly clear.

I've concluded that Chris Matthews's insight and analysis came from his mentor, [SNL's] Emily Lotello.