Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dear Chris Matthews,

One of the things the village idiots like [you] continuously fail to understand is that voters don't like the media trying to "take down" politicians on their own, against the will of the people. We inconvenient citizens don't have much in this system but the right to vote for our representatives --- when [you] elites decide all on [your] own that we've made the wrong choice (or that we're about to) we tend to get a little bit testy.

Bob Somerby, Media Matters and the blogosphere have been documenting [your] dementia for years. [You have] serious psychological issues with gender and sexuality, from embarrassing codpiece worship to blatant sexism, which seems to be the prism through which [you view] American politics and which [you] cannot seem to control. Since we are dealing with the first serious female candidate for president, [your] public neuroses made [you] the poster boy for the general misogynistic coverage of her candidacy and a biased, wrongly called election. A badly called election, by the way, which is largely believed to have been the result, at least in part, of a backlash against the media's premature obituary and stomach churning arrogant schaudenfreude.
Just FYI.



Michael said...

I agree that we should nominate Hillary Clinton because Chris Matthews possibly has sexist issues. I also agree that we should all be thrilled because she won New Hampshire -- it really "sticks it to" the media. I'm also a fucking idiot.

It's in.
Re: The Fix.

jurassicpork said...

Ah, I love the smell of victory in the morning. It smells like...

...Aqua Velva.

Distributorcap said...

i love this blog

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

This is wonderful! Really! I also dislike the wat Chris Mathews NEVER lets anyone finish a sentence..especially if it not HIS agenda!
How do you feel of Keith Olbermann? I really think he is terrific...though it makes me feel kind of sick that HE too, has to do the Tabloidisata (I just coined that word) crap! It really is beneath his high ideals to have to do that....UGH! BUT, otherwise, I think he a very brave man and I am deeply grateful to him for giving it to Mr. Bush!