Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thus Spake Tweety: McCain is the new Reagan

The long romance between Chris Matthews and the somnambulent, baggy-eyed, Aqua Velva Senator Droopy from Tennessee is over. So is the "I'm Ronald Reagan. No, I'm Ronald Reagan. No, you dumbass, I'm Ronald Reagan" dance of the Republican candidate. Yesterday Matthews decided that John McCain is the new Reagan:

CM: It’s a heavily invested night. He brought his mother. Cindy looked very much like a first lady. It was a fascinating presentation. It gave me the tableau tonight of a man who believes—he may be wrong, of course—that this is his big night. That this is the night (that) will launch him. I would expect that the next step tomorrow morning, he gets up and calls Nancy Reagan and ask for an endorsement. I think he’s going to try to make himself “the Reagan candidate,” as he did in that speech, try to do it now, go for it, this is his chance, try to bring the party together under him. I think this is it for him and he knows it.

Video at Crooks and Liars.


Jamie said...

I've come to the conclusion that Matthews is an over the hill time filler, desperately trying to hang on to some past reputation for sagacity based upon a job he held 30 years ago. Virtually nothing comes out of his mouth that isn't a cliche, stolen comment, or insult.

Matthews lost all claim of balance ages ago. He has now become comic relief as it is rather fun to throw bean bags at the clown so long as we pass them along to MSNBC in hopes that he will be gone long before we are bored with the midway freak show.

Melina said...

...except for when you see him lauded as one of the top experts in politics across all media and he starts to do real damage...
And his obvious and storied anger at people like Olbermann, who are taking his crown.
This isnt just a freak show, this is damaging our process...and it has to stop!

seajane said...

Did anyone notice Chris Matthews complete befuddlement that Obama's Wal-Mart mention was an accusation? He commented that Wal-Mart was such a respected company and wouldn't even acknowledge this guest's remarks that to most American's 'Wal-Mart' is a dirty word. Matthews brushed it off as a "union" thing.

ARGH!! He is so out-of-touch with America!

libhom said...

Does that mean "Keating Five" McCain is senile?