Monday, January 28, 2008

We Have Blacks, Too, You Know.

In a priceless catch by the gang at Crooks and Liars, they actually heard "Tweety" Matthews say this right after the State of the Union Address:
Matthews:”…And I have to think given the ethnic, you know, excitement - let’s call it American excitement about Barack Obama. If he doesn’t make it to the nomination a lot of people on the Republican side might say, well why don’t we try do something to offset that and take advantage of the hope of having an African American at a high level of government.”

So, in other words, whatever the Democrats can do, we can do better? Even if it involves getting black people "excited"?

His idea was having a GOP contender tap Condi Rice. Yeah, like a Republican would choose someone with a Y chromosome darker than them for a running mate. I wonder how that will sit with his old running buddy Colin Powell?

Can someone please tell me why spongeheads like Chris Matthews and Don Imus, as well as Melanie Morgan, and Michael Savage and Hal Turner and the rest of those racist, homidical assclowns are not only employed by the media but are making more money than everyone who writes for this blog combined?


seajane said...

Here is the text of my e-mail to Tweety after his idiotic statement last night:

Your remark on Secretary Rice last night showed incredible misunderstanding of both the reason for Senator Obama's appeal and the public's real assessment of Secretary Rice. Secretary Rice would not be acceptable as a running mate by either side -- the left KNOWS that every time she says "the fact of the matter is . . " it will be followed by a whopper of a lie. We blame her for not getting Bush's attention on the "Bin Laden Determined to Attack the US" PDB, shoe shopping during Katrina, "mushroom cloud" scare tactics. The right knows that she will never pass the heightened public scrutiny of her personal life that comes with being on the ticket versus the pass she gets in the Cabinet. How would she ever explain her "life partner" from the foaming-at-the-mouth gay-hating religious right? NO ONE would find Rice acceptable on the ticket.

The public doesn't like Obama BECAUSE he's black -- a black on the republican side doesn't compensate or balance the equation. People are responding to Obama's words and vision. Rice's history of lying, scaring us, indifference to the poor, and political spinning are not equal to Obama's vision -- even though they might share a skin color.

Quit trying to deconstruct everything to a process -- it causes you to make incredibly stupid remarks.

margie said...

cause life it totally unfair, that's why. Matthews calls himself a Democrat...God save us from these DINOS!!!!

Jamie said...

They not only raised Condi up but the non stop insult of Senator Clinton. When you switch over to FOX because they are doing a fairer broadcast of the news than either MSNBC and CNN, the old men really have a major problem.

clif said...

When you switch over to FOX because

Sorry but I gave up watching Faux Noise, because like water boarding, I consider it torture to my intellect.

YAB said...

I, too wonder, what these guys do to get the big bucks but have concluded:
1. There is a small Washington club attached to the government but separate from it, and just as politicians move between the different Congressional & legislative offices, so do these guys.

How else to explain Bill Kristol getting a plumb spot on the NYT editorial page?

OTOH, it may simply be that NBC and CNN figure the only way to out Fox Fox is to have their own bunch of loud, stupid, idiots.

BigAssBelle said...

this guy is just unbelievable. there was one moment on MSNBC last night where tweety was blathering on and keith olbermann was drawing back and looking at him, just as if he were a complete fucking idiot. which he is.

if we accomplish nothing else with a democratic administration, we MUST do something about the monopoly of the media by the right wing. it may be the greatest danger to our democracy.

fymi said...

Is there any way of obtaining old (like 2-3 years) transcripts of Hardball and doing a search for "blacks," "restaurant," "kid"??

I heard Matthews say on his show that when he was a kid and went to a restaurant with his parents, they would try hard not to stare if there were any black people there. It sounded, actually, much more racist than my paraphrasing.

Jamie said...

Howie Kurtz wrote a WaPo Valentine to Matthews. The last time I checked the more than 7 pages full of various versions of "Are You Out of Your Mind? He's God Awful" make really fun reading.

Jamie said...

Did you go on vacation? How about a new blog: "Sweet Jesus I hate Joe Scarborough". He might as well send thugs over to beat up on Hillary Clinton to make sure she is dead so he can lugubriously and with the deepest phony sincerity stare through the screen while playing a dirge as the screen displays her name. Even if you support Obama, Joe's constant, relish at being where he can try to destroy Clinton and change an American election is pure unadulterated garbage. How can you have a fair election when news people are intent beyond all reason on destroying one of the candidates.