Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Equally tough on Hillary and Rudy?

Media Matters evaluates Tweety's October 4 assertion that:

I'm pretty independent, in terms of the two parties. I have been just as tough on Bill Clinton and Hillary and Rudy and the whole bunch of them.

Go ahead and take a wild guess what they found.

The results demonstrate that Matthews has been particularly friendly to Rudy Giuliani in recent months, and extremely hostile toward Hillary Clinton. Not only is there a qualitative difference between the kinds of praise and criticism he offers these two candidates, but a quantitative difference, as well: Matthews made 10 negative remarks about Clinton for every negative remark he made about Giuliani, and nearly three times as many positive remarks about the former New York City mayor as about Clinton. The ratio of positive to negative remarks was 3.5-to-1 for Giuliani, but 1-to-8.2 for Clinton.

The whole thing is delicious reading. I think the footnotes are my favorite part.

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