Friday, January 11, 2008

Media Matters: Does Tweety Have a Problem With Women?

In a word, yes. Certainly appears to, anyway. I'm sure he spends plenty of time on his shrink's couch getting into the nuance of his issues with women.

Media Matters dissembles Tweety
, and provides MS-NBC contact info.


Kate Harding said...

I'm so glad they finally did a round-up like this.

J said...

Just FYI, I think you mean "deconstructs" or "dis-assembles." "Dissembles" means "lies," (pretty much the opposite of the TRUE evidence Media Matters has put together). Thanks for this blog; CM has conducted his news coverage of this year's presidential race with way too much bias.

Roger Green said...

Lots of people are aon the anti-CM bandwagon. I just disliked him for years because HE YELLS ALL THE TIME. or