Wednesday, January 9, 2008

HAH! Tweety Puts on a Sweater and hangs With the Peeps in NH!

Tweety is back on his home nest, after a harrowing couplea days of having to go head to head in with the stylings of the ever more popular Keith Olbermann. Just Botox smooth enough, and in relaxed sweater garb for the "country" feel, he hit New Hampshire with a big "HAH," set to take the town on with his teetering bluster and that down home red faced bark that only our Tweety can muster. Thinner and older, and smacked down over and over, you've got to hand it to him in that he just keeps hand on Dowd's knee the other cupping his own crotch (or the the man crotch of Ann Coulter)...HAH!!

Its an example of narcisissio-egotitus that rivals that the drawbacks of Bush himself. The swaggering oaf act was dampened by the presence of Rachel Maddow, representing the devastatingly smart contingent of pundits who manage to tell the truth and sweetly point out the lies. So smart is she, and so high is her Q-rating, that she is on every show in a row on MSNBC these days, and Tweet does not seem all so happy with this turn of events. Indeed, old Tweet seems taken aback to find himself on a set next to Rachel, considering that his usual foils have been the scary Maureen Dowd, the scarier Ann Coulter, and the Scariest Michelle Malkin, interspersed with a little Johnny Mac for good measure.

Given the choice, would Tweet find himself, at this late stage, so horribly wrong, unable to influence this thing even though hes tried, being schooled by a younger, prettier, smarter, WOMAN, who can intellectually and in just about every way, kick his ass all the way to the polls and back! In a few smart words, Rachel's dry sarcasm in the face of Tweety's wrong assertions, make him redder and redder; sometimes I watch just to see if he'll stroke out on national TV.

I keep thinking, "I am SO TIRED of this slimmed down, botoxed up, FUCK, telling me who the choice of my party is before the votes are even in. What gives him the right to plant shit in every lazy American's head, until no one bothers to even go to the polls because its a done deal. Tweety's stock and trade is to plant the talking point conversationally and just let it do it's job. And of course he never fails to jump from one sinking ship into the cult of another visionary leader. Is this guy a reporter?

So, no Tweety, I am not wondering whats next for the BIG LOSER(S,) Edwards and Huck-ominy . I do not buy that Edwards is the big loser at all, when the frontrunner's are within a couple thousand votes of eachother, and, to paraphrase Trippi, are caught in battle while circling round the drain; you gotta just stand on the edge of the tub and watch...because anything can happen! Edwards was third and maybe a low third, at 16%, but take away either one of the front runners and half of that percent of voters will peel off and join HIM. The people with him are with I believe that would be 16% and then half of the rest..? The anti Hillary people are never gonna vote for her...not now, anyway.
Don't you ever learn, Tweets?

Its all a big gamble for him, and his ilk, and hes got a gambling problem. He approaches this thing like its So exciting; so much fun. But what has his role been in preventing certain information from getting out, and promoting misconceptions and swiftboating? What role has he played in the continuation of this war, with his dense reporting of the talking points for...YEARS!!....

And tonight's hardball!!!: I haven't had time to really study this, but I think that he diminishes all women by suggesting that Hillary won mostly because 'every woman can remember being passed over for that big promotion or denied a job because they were women.' If thats true, Obama has it in the bag when we get to the states with people of color living in them! So, what Tweet is saying is that after seeing Hillary CRY, we all remember the times we were kept down...and in the grips of that we lose our ability to make a decision? He wished this evening that he had even one woman on the panel, but maybe it would have to be a particular woman, because Rachel might just have to say that there were alot of times in her career when she was kept down for being a, lets only ask certain women, OK? BUT there were no a panel of men discussed how a part of Hillary's surprise win must have been disappointed women feeling sorry for her. hell, maybe...

Or one could see Keith Olbermann for some REAL information about polling and all that...

I missed the beginning of the show, but I'm sure that part of the reasoning must have been the fact that people in open Cauci are less likely to vote certain discriminations, as opposed to others, in public. The secrecy of the voting booth is a big part of this. But that cuts both ways as we move towards different states. Could it also have been that after the Iowa Cauci, there was a certain clear picture of what it might feel like to have Obama be our candidate, and it felt a little dangerous and...too soon because of his youth and idealism?....BECAUSE, Tweet would have it be all sewn up right there as Obama was supposed to roll right through New Hampshire on a streak.

I know that there is alot of dead air to fill for these guys, but I resent like hell how knee jerk quickly the script went over to "How will Hillary drop out gracefully in the face of the Obama phenomenon?" And in that way, I'm happy that they were as good as tied in NH. I don't want to have it decided now, and I want them to circle the drain for a little while longer just to give Edwards a chance to talk more...because more than anything else, what Edwards is saying to the American people is really, really important to our future. To that end, I hope that everyone will send him some cash. If for nothing else, just for message!

Tweety's question tonight about Romney and Edwards "Is he still alive?"...
God forgive me if I'm just a little sick and tired of wondering how Tweety even has a job anymore. Are you listening MSNBC suits? Ditch Tucker and Matthews...and throw out Giest while you're at it; consider this the baby and the bathwater because this is Damien the Omen and we should cut it off before it kills again!

Oh, and an aside to Hillary: I don't want to see us "fall backwards" either...but I don't feel like we should try to "reverse it," by keeping a presence in Iraq as a gushing wound, represent large corporations as if they were individual people, and continue this deregulated globalism insanity without some careful reconsideration. Don't cry for me, Hillary....If you are elected, I'll keep working to make it better just the same way as I have been all along, with no expectation that my government is going to help; with the full expectation that my government will work against me!



Melina said...

PS Jill, I made some that OK? xoxo ;-)

shannon said...

I'll keep working to make it better just the same way as I have been all along, with no expectation that my government is going to help; with the full expectation that my government will work against me!

Well said, Melina.
By the way, has anyone noticed our election system is fubar?

Terry McDonald said...

like you I couldn't believe election night when shitface for brains was speculating on a Clinton strategy to handle an Obama victory...WHAT? love Rachel Maddow, have you seen the clip of her telling CM that speculation on the blogosphere (TalkingPointsMemo)was that women came out for Hillary because of him and others like him. Way to go Rachel!