Friday, January 11, 2008


In which Chris Matthews explains to Keith Olbermann how Barack Obama is a modern-day Lawrence of Arabia, crossing the Nefu to strike Aqaba, err, Hillary Clinton from behind, because her campaign "was not, to use the parlance we all use, positioned well."

Sweet Jesus, I hate Chris Matthews.



dan said...

Well, by the looks of all of your posts which are all pro-Hillary in only attacking Tweety for his anti-Hillary statements, I take it this is a pro-Hillary website. Maybe you should be more upfront and place a link tag to Hillary's campaign and be upfront about it.

RenB said...

As a former New Hampshirite, and having seen several primary election cycles, I never thought that the reporting would become more appalling than the day the UL did in Muskie.

But seemingly, is is worse.

And apropos Muskie. I was there that day, working in a cinema next door to the paper. I was maybe five feet away from him when he had his meltdown. It was snowing, the kind that is wet and sloppy and melts the minute it hits your skin. So yes, he got emotional. But he didn't cry. It was the snow. And then they went and fucked him over. And we didn't have the internets.